Prof. Walter had published a book on Rousseau. // ]]> They didn't remember the rest of what she told them because they were young and they weren't that interested. She had two funnels and four masts, was of iron and steel construction, and propelled by a single screw giving a speed of 17 knots (20 mph). Onur Evren, 12. The LA BOURGOGNE was built in 1885 by Forges & Chantiers de la Mediteranee, La Seyne for the Compagnie Generale Transatlantique (French Line). My grandfather's sister went down on the Bourgogne along with a friend. She was a 7,395 gross ton vessel, length 494.4ft x beam 52.2ft, two funnels, four masts, iron and steel construction, single screw and a speed of 17 knots. Looking for descendants of passengers/crew? Possibly like the Titanic !Any candidate for salvage ? Spain to buy ship to track down sunken treasure, The collision and foundering of La Bourgogne, 1. On July 3, 1898, at the height of the Spanish-American War, La Bourgogne left New York City for what would be the last time. **PLEASE NOTE: THE VIDEO IS FICTIONAL**In 1899, Augusta Victoria was involved in a collision with the La Bourgogne sending her to her death. I am in the process of writing a historical fiction book on this particular ship wreak and am in need of information and names of actual people for my characters. My Great Great Grandfather was on the La Bourgogne when it went down. The wrestler's name from Turkey is Ismail Yousouf and yes he toured the US fighting everyone who would fight and beat them all! La Bourgogne SS (+1898) long comment: CROMARTYSHIRE bow damage after the deadly collision with the French ocean liner LA BOURGOGNE, 4th July 1898. Can you email me at A bronze plaque in my church - All Saints Episcopal Church, Bay Head, NJ - is dedicated to Francis Penn Steel, Jr. and his sister Gertrude who were "Lost at Sea" when La Bourgogne went down. Reliable evidence attested that ignorant, undisciplined, and unfeeling crewmen had taken possession of the ship’s life-boats and rafts, to the exclusion of the passenger’s rights. God rest all their souls......... My great great great uncle was Father Kesseler who went down with this ship. Only 173 people survived, but fewer than 70 survivors were passengers, only one woman was rescued, and all children perished. The LA BOURGOGNE was built in 1885 at the Société Nouvelles de Forges et Chantiers de Médditerranée in La Seyne-sur-Mer, France for the Compagnie Generale Transatlantique better known as the French Line.She was a sleek looking ocean liner with four auxiliary sail rigged masts and twin funnels. I have an antique picture of "La Bourgogne" while it was sinking. I have been studying this wreck for years. SS La Bourgogne Go to: SS La Bourgogne The ill fated La Bourgogne illustrated in this colorized photograph from 1895. Media in category "La Bourgogne (ship, 1886)" The following 6 files are in this category, out of 6 total. Her name was Grace Marshall and they were going to Europe to meet family and inlaws. Wystan, 35. Where can such a list be found ? SS LA BOURGOGNE was built in 1885 by Forges & Chantiers de la Mediteranee, La Seyne for the Compagnie Generale Transatlantique (French Line). Further lifting of the fog revealed a dreadful disaster with people foundering in the water. ... 1933 USA SS San Blas Paqueboat United Fruit UFC Cover To Boston MA. Patricia Pinner, 36. Very fascinating, as I had never heard of this wreckage. David Goncalves-Birch, 23. My Great Great Grandfather Oscar Dandoy emigrated to America on La Bourgogne, arriving in New York on August 28, 1893. She was built in 1885 by Société Nouvelle des Forges et Chantiers de la Méditerranée, La Seyne-sur-Mer for the Compagnie Generale Transatlantique (French Line). Shipwrecks and Lost Treasures of the Seven Seas. The French government indicated an inquiry and possibly a trial would be held in France. Based on the date it sunk and the port of departure I quickly found that only one ship met the criteria, the La Bourgogne. Less than five years later the ship was on the. The outcome of the disaster was considered a disgrace to the officers of the ship, her owners and the French merchant marine in general. Today, I was roaming an old church cemetery in New Jersey and I found a headstone in the memory of Cornelia Demarest ~ Lost at sea with her husband on S.S. La Bourgogne on July 4th, 1898. Gil, 14. She was a sleek looking ocean liner with … 390 first class passengers Undeated! You can read Mrs. La Casse's account of the sinking of the LaBourgogne in a book titled "Sinking of the Titanic,`Eyewitness Accounts"..pages 171-176, I'd like to correct a statement on my June 10th statement #23. Craig Rosenthal, 27. Hello Caitlin the 08. He was on his way to visit his sick sister who was a nun in France. … Mr herself a {s. A. La Bourgogne, C.G.T - Compagnie Générale Transatlantique (French Line) steamship, history and description, built 1885 (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); My great great uncle Charles Elkoory survived this disaster. One man on La Bourgogne when the ship sank went out of his mind and jumped to a watery grave. Bourgogne–Franche-Comte, region of France created in 2016 by the union of the former regions of Bourgogne and Franche-Comte. At the time this sinking was infamous, because only 13% of the passengers survived, while 48% of the crew did. Foi a segunda embarcação de um grupo de quatro transatlânticos que estrearam em 1886, depois do SS La Champagne e seguido do SS La Bretagne e SS La Gascogne.Foi lançado ao mar em 1885 e realizou … Charles never returned to Syria for a bride. })(); The capital is Dijon. O SS La Bourgogne foi um navio de passageiros francês operado pela Compagnie Générale Transatlantique e construído pela Forges et Chantiers de la Méditerranée em La Seyne-sur-Mer. Madz, 26. John Walters, 45. [CDATA[ Quick investigation indicated that the sailboat was in no imminent danger and Captain Henderson ordered his life-boats lowered. Instead the French Consulate issued statements defending the French officers and crewmen. Treasures, 22. At the time this sinking was infamous, because only 13% of the passengers survived, while 48% of the crew did. First name ?? The Bourgogne was the ship that brought Mother Cabrini to New York in 1889 when she first came to America. $149.99. The Passenger List The following is the passenger list (flrst and second cabin) of La Bourgogns. Moreover, the brick Fernand Marguerite wrecked next year 1999 in St-Pierre et Miquelon,not far from the location of the collision. The ship was a development of the Richelieu class, but in contrast to her predecessor, she had more powerful artillery that was arranged according to a more reasonable scheme. google_ad_format = "120x240_as"; Nobody has ever attempted to locate La Bourgogne... Are you interested ??? Benedict ManovillSonz, 11. julien comeau feb 21 2010, 13. There are no deaths on the British sailing craft when it struck the speeding French liner on the starboard side. French ship Bourgogne (1767), a 74-gun ship of the line of the French Navy French ship Duc de Bourgogne (1752), an 80-gun ship of the line of the French Navy SS La Bourgogne, a French ocean liner, which sank in 1898; French submarine Casabianca (S603), formerly the Bourgogne Great input Linda ! Lou, 15. My great-grandmother, Melvina Salza and her young daughter died on LaBourgogne shipwreck. It wasn't until recently that my genealogy project took me in search of the details of this story. Ship construction utilizing systems of watertight compartments should be such as to insure that stricken vessel could remain afloat long enough to allow passengers and crew to escape to safety quickly. Details relating to the disaster and the ship involved were later reconstructed. I commend all of you on the research you're doing, and your interest in the stories of the Past ! It is mounted in black wooden frame. He also intended to visit his parents in Ireland. [1] She was a 7,395 gross ton vessel, 494.4 feet (150.7 m) long and with a beam of 52.2 feet (15.9 m). maureen, 17. Sailing ship CROMARTYSHIRE in Halifax Graving Dock, 1898 / damage from collision with ocean liner SS La Bourgogne in fog south of Sable Island. Please contact me at My Great-great-great grandmother, Alice Aldige nee Lepretre, died in this wreck along with one of her daughters and a granddaughter. My family's legend is that an uncle ?? Ships. "La Bourgogne"- by Pascal Kainic - A Titanic before the Titanic ? ", Thank you Victor for your interesting comment. My great grandfather died on this ship-Peter Barrett of Philadelphia. Michael O'Neill, 33. Jeff Domenick, 31. He left a wife and 3 young children behind. They have the original papers and will make copies of them and they will snail mail them to you. TP, 41. It is bordered by the regions of Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes, Centre, Ile-de-France, and Grand Est. In 1897-8 she was fitted with quadruple expansion engines and her masts reduced to two. He was the captain of the brick Fernand Marguerite on 9/08/1898, which used to sail from Europe to New Found Land, since this date and his name as captain, are written in a painting of this ship. La Bourgogne like many other passenger ships of the era, was constructed of an iron hull and wood superstructure, propelled by a single screw propeller. 549 passengers were lost including Joseph. Her maiden voyage from Le Havre, France to New York City was in 1886. She would go on to found schools, hospitals, orphanages and of course become the first American saint. jody, 42. Common sense dictated that ships under conditions of reduced visibility should proceed with infinite care and at greatly decreased speeds. It was widely held, based on the tales of rampant brutality aboard the foundering of La Bourgogne, that a strict and impartial investigation of the disaster would be held by the United States authorities in New York City. If you have any info you would like to share, please drop me a note at po.src = ''; Mark Durham, 4. My great, great uncle, Father Anthoney Kessel was also a passenger on the La Bourgogne and refused a lifeboast to stay with passengers. Seeking passenger list of SS La Bourgogne arriving in New York Joseph Faltin Oct 4, 2020 7:01 PM I am looking for a passenger list for the April 1, 1895 arrival of the SS La Bourgogne in New York. Michael, 29. // , //