In British Columbia, the new BC Corporations Act requires every company to have a Central Securities Register which must set out all shares issued by a company, the name and last known address of each shareholder and the number, class and series of any shares owned by that shareholder. TOLL FREE: 1-800-280-1913 | LOCAL: 416-599-9009 Ontario corporations and foreign business corporations licensed to carry on business in Ontario must file an Ontario Corporations Information Act Annual Return with the CRA within six months of the end of the tax year as follows:. Filing the return. We offer online business registration & incorporation services for Canadian companies, our expert team has over 40 years of hands on experience to count on. The forms are available in various formats including HTML, PDF and Word. Welcome to the Government of Ontario Central Forms Repository. Individuals and firms are registered by category - each category has different requirements and permits different activities. About CSRA, as per the Ontario Personal Property Security Act, 78. (1) A mortgage, charge or assignment, the registration of which was provided for in the Corporation Securities Registration Act, being chapter 94 of the Revised Statutes of Ontario, 1980, or a predecessor thereof, (collectively referred to in this section as the former Act) that was registered under the former … The full act is online here. Overview. ONTARIO SECURITIES COMMISSION RULE 45-501. Generally, securities offered to the public in Ontario must be offered under … To prevent fraud, use the National Registration Search to check if your dealer or adviser is registered. Regulators may impose restrictions on a registration. This register is kept in the corporate records book for the company. In Canada, anyone in the business of trading securities or advising clients on securities must be registered with the securities regulator in each province or territory where they do business, unless an exemption applies. You may need to consider whether you are, or your firm is, required to submit information with other jurisdictions. In December 2020, the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) published OSC Staff Notice 45-717 Ontario's Exempt Market, a report on capital raising activity by corporate (non-investment fund) issuer's in Ontario's exempt market between 2017 and 2019 (the Exempt Market Report).What is the Exempt Market? PART 1 DEFINITIONS 1.1 Definitions - In this Rule "accredited investor" means: (a) a bank listed in Schedule I or II of the Bank Act (Canada), or an authorized foreign bank … A shareholder register is a list of active owners of a company's shares, updated on an ongoing basis, and includes name, address, and shares owned. EXEMPT DISTRIBUTIONS. Every corporation that is incorporated, continued, or amalgamated in Ontario and subject to the Business Corporations Act or the … As required by and subject to the Business Corporations Act, the Company must maintain in British Columbia a central securities register.The directors may, subject to the Business Corporations Act, appoint an agent to maintain the central securities register. Central Securities Register. This site has been developed to provide you with Ontario Government forms. Update corporate records: The central securities register must be updated after each share issuance with the name and address of the new shareholder and other details of the share issuance. Registration forms and other related notices - The following forms and documents are required to be completed and filed with the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) under the Securities Act (Ontario) or the Commodity Futures Act (Ontario). In general, anyone selling securities, offering investment advice or managing a mutual fund in Ontario must register with the OSC, unless they have an exemption.